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Public Engagement & Policy Briefs

  1. Interviewee for CNN (2022). Why free college is so elusive -- and how we can get closer to establishing it.

  2. Panelist on live show and podcast for Texas Public Radio. (2022). What can be done to close the Latino college gap?

  3. Guest on Government Innovator podcast hosted by Andy Feldman. (2022). How Promise Programs are expanding college access, affordability, and degree attainment—Episode #187

  4. Mattie Toma, and Elizabeth Bell. (2022). Understanding and Improving How Policymakers Respond to Program Impact. Office of Evaluation Sciences.

  5. Elizabeth Bell, Heather Kappes, and Miles Williams. (2021). How Documentation Burdens Affect the Equitable Distribution of Small Business Relief Funding. Office of Evaluation Sciences.

  6. Elizabeth Bell, David Schwegman, Michael DiDomenico, and Michael Hand. (2021). Evaluating the Effects of HEERF Aid to Students. Office of Evaluation Sciences.

  7. Interview with reporter on free college to inform article on President Biden’s Free College plan.

  8. Elizabeth Bell, Ani Ter-Mkrtchyan, and Wesley Wehde. (2020). Why do Conservatives Love Government Red Tape? 3Streams.

  9. Elizabeth Bell (2020). Working within a System of Administrative Burden: How Counselors Shape Access to the Promise of Higher Education. Summer Higher Education Policy Forum.

  10. Elizabeth Bell (2020). Higher Education Affordability and Student Impact. Higher Ed Community Forum.

  11. Elizabeth Bell. 2020. New Research Demonstrates Public Support of Free College Programs is Impacted by Program Design. The Campaign for Free College Tuition.

  12. Elizabeth Bell. 2020. What Americans think about who deserves tuition-free college. The Conversation.

    1. Cited in Weekly Dispatch for Open Campus email.

  13. Deven Carlson & Elizabeth Bell. 2019. Can School Districts Achieve Racial Integration by Pursuing Socioeconomic Integration? Presented for the Intersection Webinar hosted by the Hunt Institute. Policymakers & Practitioners were in attendance and a summary & video of the webcast was published here

  14. Deven Carlson and Elizabeth Bell. 2019. Can School Districts Achieve Racial Integration by Pursuing Socioeconomic Integration? Brookings Chalkboard.

    1. Cited in and this policy brief

  15. Elizabeth Bell. 2019. Crossing the Finish Line: The Effects of Tulsa Achieves on Student Persistence and Completion. Program Evaluation Report for Tulsa Community College.

  16. Bell, Elizabeth, Wesley Wehde, and Madeleine Stucky. 2018. Who Wins and Who Loses When States Earmark Lottery Revenue for Higher Education? Brookings Chalkboard.

  17. Bell, Elizabeth. 2017. When Intuition Misfires: The Puzzle of Performance-Based Funding in Higher Education. Forum of the American Journal of Education.

  18. Bell, Elizabeth and Tyler Camarillo. 2017. The Warrior Scholar Project STEM Program Evaluation. The Warrior Scholars Project.

  19. Bell, Elizabeth. 2018. Why Performance-Based Funding Fails to Improve Graduation Rates--And How States Can Do Better. Scholar Strategy Network Policy Brief.

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